Africa Needs A Viable Vaccination Certification System

In less than a generation, countries in Africa have made tremendous progress in increasing access to immunisations, reducing childhood death rates, and nearly eradicating several vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs)

4 Million Lives Saved Annually

Alongside the benefits of connecting children and families with health systems and access to basic services

Significant reduction in maternal and neonatal disease

With Polio on the brink of eradication, and tetanus rates reduced, mothers and children have access to unprecedented protection.

44: 1 Return On Investment

For every dollar invested in immunization, when you include broader social and economic benefits.

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 Despite these achievements, immunisation rates have stagnated in many countries, vaccination fraud is rampant, and many countries in Africa continue to lag behind others in access to vaccines.

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More than 30 million children under age five still suffer from vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) every year.

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Approximately 1 in 5 African children do not receive all the necessary and basic vaccines

A New Solution Is Needed Soon

Vaccine-Preventable Disease (VPD) surveillance is designed to assess progress towards immunisation targets, determine barriers to access, and identify gaps in vaccination campaigns. Unfortunately, current methods fall far short of these goals and time is running out.

When vaccine coverage rates drop, once-scarce deadly diseases like measles can re-emerge



    • Over 50% of vaccines may not reach their intended beneficiaries in time resulting in $2 Billion in vaccine wastage annually
  • We estimate that more than 45% of yellow fever vaccine certificates are fake, with the same fraud potential for COVID-19

VaxiGlobal is leading the way

VaxiGlobal is uniquely positioned to deliver an equitable and robust vaccination certification system to the African continent by combining first-hand experience with the problem, a technical solution designed for the developing world, and a world-class partner network.

Bringing experience with the issue, both of VaxiGlobal’s founders are doctors from Africa (Zimbabwe) who know what it’s like to deal with this challenge on the ground.

Employing a tailored focus on the developing world from the technical solution through the operating model and partner network – areas on which competitors fall far shor.

Successfully demonstrated proof of concept through pilot campaigns conducted alongside our clinic, NGO, and health ministry partners

An already established 10-year paid strategic partnership with the World Health Organization reflects VaxiGlobal’s position as a leader in the space.

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