For Travel Passes

For Travel Passes and Vaccine Passports

We partner with health ports and travel pass companies to improve customer experience at health ports
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Who we are looking for

We partner with companies that are currently developing technology for mobile passes and biometrics. Those who want electronic vaccination records to further their goals of making travel easier and safer, to be trusted in the travel industry, and to increase their number of clients.

The Challenges we solve

The world has become a global village and we partner with  vaccine passports that have launched in other continents but have limited reach in Africa. In addition, we also partner with those who have only launched their technology through applications but do not have the biometrics capabilities to make vaccine tracking easier. And most importantly, we partner with organizations that recognize inequity between those who can pay directly for an electronic passport service and those who cannot.

What Vaxiglobal brings

VaxiGlobal provides existing relationships with the  vaccination clinics and health ministries in Africa. We have already established connections with the Ministries of Health and have existing authorization to work in African countries. We also provide electronic vaccination records that could supplement electronic passports as well as biometrics capabilities to promote vaccine tracking

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