For Public Health Organisations

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For Public Health Organisations

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Who we are looking for

We partner with public health organizations that are looking for solutions that can improve public health outcomes and reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases in African countries or communities that are traditionally hard to reach. Organizations that are looking to promote vaccination efforts to further their mission. Those who would like to partner with organizations with geographic reach in Africa that can provide knowledge and connections to the local landscape.

The Challenges We Solve

We partner with public health organisations that are looking for cost-effective solutions. Because few clinics keep vaccination records, we help organizations that also struggle with a lack of visibility into true vaccination rates, which hinders their ability to promote vaccination coverage and public health in African countries

What Vaxiglobal Brings

VaxiGlobal provides public health organizations with connections to communities, health ministries, resources, and other organizations across Africa. We also provide reach to customers and a local understanding of the landscape as well as the customers’ needs and desires. With biometrics technology and vaccine registration database, VaxiGlobal will be able to promote vaccine visibility and enhance vaccine tracking in populations across southern Africa.

If this sounds like you

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