Privacy Policy

In signing up for this VaxiGlobal service, I consent to:

My personal and sensitive information (such as my immunization record ) being collected and installed in the VaxiGlobal system that is hosted by VaxiGlobal Intl Pvt Ltd , and automatically submitted to these institutions and to Government Border Control Departments of these Listed Countries for the purpose of assessing my immunisation history and compliance to World Health Organisation international Health Regulations(2005).

VaxiGlobal storing my digital photograph(s) which may be used at Border Control Points and registered institutions for client identification processes.

VaxiGlobal retaining my medical information uploaded to VaxiGlobal system beyond the finalization of my acceptance to academic institutions and entrance to different countries, for the purposes of considering future applications and travel ;.

VaxiGlobal pvt ltd becoming the owner of the information entered into VaxiGlobal system and that this information will be passed to these Governments Border Control Departments ;

VaxiGlobal may destroy my personal data (including photographs) stored in VaxiGlobal after a certain period of time where consistent with their archiving obligations and any current disposal authorities. Consequently, if I do not request a copy of this data from the clinic I attend when undergoing my travelling immunization , it may not be available for me to retrieve at a later date;

VaxiGlobal disclosing my personal information, including information about my health and any complaint I may lodge, to the doctors and clinic administrative staff. The reasons for this disclosure will be to investigate and resolve inconsistencies, complaints or audit recommendations:

my personal information (including my sensitive information) stored in VaxiGlobal (including medical results, bio details and digital photographs) to be disclosed to:

International Governments and Institutes authorized to receive information relating to adoption, border control, education, health assessment, health insurance, and review of decisions. –this may include Travel clinics of my choice involved in the processing of my immunization records outside my home country.

VaxiGlobal understands that storing your Immunisation records in a secure manner is essential. VaxiGlobal stores your health records and other data using reasonable physical, technical and administrative safeguards to secure data against foreseeable risks, such as unauthorized use, access, disclosure, destruction or modification. Please note, however, that while VaxiGlobal has endeavored to provide secure and reliable programs and services, including websites and mobile applications, for users, the confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted to/from VaxiGlobal cannot be guaranteed.