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Safeguarding global health through digital collaboration

Immunisation verification service

Through it’s digital vaccine certification service, VaxiGlobal assesses the eligibility of international travellers and immigrants to meet immunisation requirements for countries and international institutions(Universities and Corporates). 

Through our partners, Vaxiglobal verifies registration of health-workers who administer vaccines to international travelers and students. With consent of the traveler, authorized  governments and institutions can access digital vaccination records for travelers and students via the Vaxiglobal platform.

Please note:  To date, the only disease specifically designated in the International Health regulations(2005) for which proof of vaccination or prophylaxis may be required as a condition of entry to a State , is yellow fever. Academic institutions and corporates can also set their own immunisation regulations. Our platform brings together travelers , governments and clinicians  to safeguard global health.

Health Records, just like academic qualifications need verification amidst the stemming tide of counterfeit proof of vaccination.

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Global Vaccination collaboration platform

Health Consultancy for

International Universities and Corporates:

Vaxiglobal can handle preenrollment immunisation verification for international students at no cost to the institution.


Vaxiglobal works with governments to verify vaccination or prophylaxis against yellow fever in selected countries.

Travellers and Students:

Our web and mobile app gives you 24/7 access to your digital vaccination records.